Monday, March 1, 2010

March News

Time for another monthly newsletter. I am going to try and have these ready as close to the first of the month and post a public version here on the blog now as well. Please feel free to send any info in to add to club news.


MechaniCon 2010 News

We are almost filled up with event space for this year's event! All event details will be on the website very soon (a good bit is up already) and ticket sales will go live this month. When that is announced I will have time to do a sign up sheet for staffing events, registration, etc.

Things are looking fantastic so far, and I have a few tricks up my sleeve for some special stuff.

The website has been getting lots of updates, so check it out frequently.


Planetary Empires Campaign

We will extend round two through March I think. Having to cancel Wednesday Nights and a couple Saturdays at TGK spoiled most of our chances so we can just keep round two going until folks get a chance to get their games in. A few people mentioned that they have friends who would like to come out and new folks are more than welcome to come check things out at the workshop nights or at The Games Keep.


The Games Keep Open Gaming

We had to cancel the past couple meetings due to snow and this Saturday I am tied up at the kids' school events. Open gaming is scheduled for the 1st, 3rd and 5th Saturdays. If you can make it out there please do so! I will be dropping off another table or two this week so he will have more available. We will be hosting a section on our Forums for coordinating tabletop gaming at TGK when the Forums are made public. For now the dates are listed below.


National Tournament News

Wizard World has added events to GW's Circuit. There will be 4 more events close to us this year and the convention dates (not the tournament dates) are below.

Philly - June 11-13
Boston - October 1-3
New York - October 7-10
New Jersey - October 15-18

Main site is :


Adventurer's Guild Newsletter

If you have not signed up to get this please do so! Rich is stepping it up big time and is doing very professional newsletters.

theadventurersguild.mail @ is the contact info.


Games Day 2010

The GW website was updated with a "Club Table Application" for GD Baltimore. The app shows that a club can have up to two staff and one 4'x8' table and need to submit a proposal to be accepted.

Info can be found at:


Next Club Meetings and Local Events

I probably won't get the blog calendar updated in a couple days (working on MechaniCon stuff) so here is the current schedule:

3/6 - open gaming at The Games Keep
3/10 - league gaming at the workshop
3/11-14 - Cold Wars -
3/14 - 40K tournament at Between Books -
3/20 - open gaming at The Games Keep
3/20 - Gladiator style 40k event at Showcase -
3/24 - league gaming at the workshop
3-26-28 - AdeptiCon -


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